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This past year, I’ve worked pretty hard at making sure I’m organized. Like project-wise. My house would be a whole different post.

This past spring has been my busiest yet, which is good. But it also meant I needed to make sure I didn’t miss any deadlines or forget to respond to anything. I came across an article that talked about the top ten productivity apps designers should be using. One of the suggestions was Trello. I clicked on it and was pleasantly surprised! Not only did it look super easy, I could access it online while working at home as well as in an app on my phone while out meeting with clients or at the printer.

Trello uses “boards” and “cards” to keep projects on task. You can even drag and drop them. Within each board, you create cards and projects. You can also drag and drop these. I find this super handy when I’m progressing on a project. I just move the project from card to card depending on what phase the project is in. Below is a quick look at my boards and how I’ve organized my Wedding Invitation Board.

What do you all use to stay organized?



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