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Space Cadet Seeking High Flying Gal

There was a series of trading cards that I use to get in one of my design magazines. The company that created them, French Paper, put out an entire series of them. Each card features an awesome illustration of a character along with their name and who their perfect match is (also found within the deck). Each issue contained a couple and I looked forward to seeing which crazy set would come next. I’ve always had these things around at whatever job I was working at the time. Part of my morning routine, after getting coffee, was to go through the deck and pick one out that I felt expressed my mood for that day. If I’m feeling especially ninja-like, I choose Former Assassin. If I’m feeling out of it, I choose High-Flying. You get the idea.

Before I left Taylor Studios last fall, a co-worker of mine graciously bequeathed his collection to me. To my surprise, there was a whole series I had no idea even existed. Needless to say, these cards are all in a stack on my desk here in my home office. I may not have co-workers sitting next to me these days, but I still manage to keep my routine of choosing character card. Below is a quick look at a few of my favs.







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